Rowena Wise

An abstract collage of Rowena Wise sitting on a terracotta roof. All you can see of her are her legs. She is wearing white pants with yellow sneakers. Some yellow flowers protrude from her legs, and there is a blue blanket in the background. A cutout of warm yellow flowers on a dark, night-sky background protrude from the edge of the screen. A cutout of Rowena Wise pokes her head out from the side of the screen. She has a slight, curious smile on her face. She is wearing a bright blue sweater and red lipstick.


Album artwork for Rowena Wise's debut album, 'Senseless Acts of Beauty'. The front and back of the vinyl album are shown, with the bright blue vinyl poking out.

Debut album

‘Senseless Acts of Beauty’
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New single — ‘Indifferent’


A cutout of vibrant yellow flowers protrudes from the edge of the screen. A collage of a hand reaching for a glass of milk. Below the arm is a colourful, graffitied brick wall. A collage of a mustard yellow Datsun car with orange flowers coming out of the top.


A collage of two vibrant, affectionate Rainbow Lorikeets sitting next to each other on a branch. The bird on the left is affectionately grooming the bird on the right. In the background are bright yellow flowers agains a beautiful pink and blue sunset. An abstract collage of a Magpie against rustic terracotta roof tiles. Bandcamp logo Spotify logo Apple music logo Youtube logo

Watch — ‘We Are Nothing’

watch — ‘Nobody's Saviour’

A cutout bright yellow flowers with tall green stems. A cutout of Rowena wise sitting on a blue blanket with one leg outstretched, and her hands resting on her lap. She is wearing vibrant orange pants, a white shirt, and black loafer style shoes with white socks. She looks up and to the left, with a thoughtful expression on her face. The wind blows her hair across her face.


Naarm/Melbourne-based Rowena Wise (fka Ro) has a burgeoning reputation as a live performer, delivering songs that have a newfound sense of honesty, holding space for all of life’s beauty and messiness. Hailed as a “lyrical assassin” by the Australian triple j community, Rowena’s storytelling is like a close friend, offering heady ruminations on love, loss and alienation while giving gentle echoes of courage and empowerment. Inspired by the strong storytelling sensibilities of 60s folk icons, Rowena is a sharp lyricist who finds truths in fiction, sketched over a sound that is best filed as indie rock, garage pop and alt-folk.

Growing up in the small surf town of Margaret River, Western Australia, Rowena was surrounded by music from an early age. Her father, a luthier, built her custom acoustic and electric guitars, while her mother, a folk musician from Chicago, instilled in her a love of music that would shape her career. Rowena travelled and performed from a young age as part of a family band, before moving to Melbourne at the age of 18 to pursue her own music.

Rowena's music defies easy categorization, with elements of indie rock, garage pop, and alt-folk all present in her sound. Her lyrics explore themes of love, alienation, and self-empowerment, delivered with a candid, understated power. A lover of poetry and melancholic wordplay, Rowena's performances are marked by a depth and relatability that has earned her a devoted fanbase and critical acclaim.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2018 with her debut single 'Diary', Rowena has amassed over 2 million streams and gained airplay on major Australian radio stations such as triple j, double j, and Unearthed. Her subsequent releases, including 'F**ked Up Over You' and 'To Pretend', have cemented her status as one of the most exciting new voices in indie music. She has also collaborated with fellow Australian artist Didirri on the hauntingly beautiful 'Tea Stains'.

As a performer Rowena is centre stage, playing with a candid power and vulnerability that quickly draws an audience in. Her soaring melodies are combined with “breezy guitar with incredible lyrical poetry, showcasing her storytelling side while also cementing her status as a kick-ass musician on the rise” - Pilerats. Rowena has supported the likes of G Flip, Didirri, Kira Puru, Little May, Bernard Fanning and Paul Dempsey. She has played festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival, BIGSOUND and Party in the Paddock. In late 2019 - early 2020 she completed her first headline East Coast Tours and sold out her Melbourne shows.

Amidst the last few years spent travelling and writing, Rowena recently finished recording new songs. Exploring profound themes and genuine expression, her music continues to caress the hearts of many. This is clear following the recent release of the “carefully etched indie folk” (Clash Magazine) single ‘Nobody’s Saviour’ and single ‘New Years’, establishing herself as a compelling voice in the indie music scene and beyond.